Optimal Shakedown Design of Elastic-Plastic Structures

J. Atkočiūnas

Optimal Shakedown Design of Elastic-Plastic Structures

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The basics of continuous optimization theory and methods for elastic-plastic
framed structures (Part I) and circular bending plates (Part II) at shakedown
are presented in the textbook. The understanding of linear and non-linear
mathematical programming theory, mathematical and mechanical connections are
discussed in the book. The development of mathematical models for structural
analysis and optimization problems is based on extreme energy principles of
mechanics, the theory of mathematical programming and computing technologies.
The material presented is richly illustrated with easily understandable
numerical examples (the results are valid for the small displacement
assumption). A list of recommended literature is given.

The textbook is intended for bachelor and master students studying civil
engineering in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (including exchange
students). The book will be usefull to PhD students and civil engineers
interested in optimal design of inelastic structures.

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  • ISBN: 978-609-457-062-9
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  • Metai: 2011