Welding and Thermal cutting. An introduction

A. V. Valiulis

Welding and Thermal cutting. An introduction

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In this book presented description of common engineering methods for the joining of engineering components. These joining technologies include processes and methods, based on arc, plasma, electron beam, laser, fuel gas, resistance welding. Description of thermal cutting methods and technologies, classification of ferrous metals and welding consumables, principles of arc welding sources, surfacing, metallizing are also included. The performance joints of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, evaluation of their quality, welding and cutting general safety precautions are also treated.


The intent is to provide the students with a teaching text which presents the introductory knowledge of joining and assembly and which includes most of commonly available thermal joining and cutting technologies. 

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  • Matmenys: 165×240 mm
  • Leidyklos nr.: 971-S
  • ISBN: 978-9955-28-240-2
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  • Metai: 2008