English on Thermal Engineering and Ventilation

L. A. Kitkauskienė, J. Mickonis

English on Thermal Engineering and Ventilation

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The book serves as a teaching material for the students learning the subjects of thermal engineering and ventilation. It contains texts analyzing the processes of heating and ventilation and gives the most important terms. Grammar exercises should be of great use in developing the English language skills. The book is composed with the purpose to provide readings for developing English comprehension.

The book has been recommended for publishing by Environmental Faculty Studies Committee.

  • Viršelis: minkštas
  • Matmenys: 145×205 mm
  • Leidyklos nr.: 833
  • ISBN: 9986-05-954-2
  • Kalba: anglų
  • Puslapių skaičius: 272
  • Metai: 2006